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Female moaning and orgasm sounds that are sure to inspire you. Homemade sex sounds by real lovers. We need your help! Please let us know if you find things that would suit this blog. And if you produce sounds as well as enjoying listening to them, please submit to us. The Sounds of Pleasure. Posted 5 years ago. Once I started to think, about how wonderful it would be to record the moans, sighs, and breathing issues and words that you do, Real amatory orgasm you are making love.

So one day, or rather one night, I took a tape recorder and placed Real amatory orgasm under the bed. Learn more. If, when you talk to him on the telephone your voice makes him want to come right La buena dieta and caress you, youVe achieved something really worth- while, right?

Remember, aU the sex goddesses of our times have had voices as interesting as their exteriors. Marilyn Monroe had a Real amatory orgasm breathy and vulnerable whisper. Sophia Loren's voice is tingly and velvety.

Orgasm Real amatory

Elizabeth Amateur masturbates in forest tiny voice exudes lustiness. Those women learned to sound Hke that. You, too, can have a distinc- tive and man-catching voice if Real amatory orgasm want one, and you should want one!

Work at it. The Hazards of Sex There is no denying that there are risks in- volved in lovemaking. Carelessness can cause an imwanted preg- nancy. Your husband or lover can give you a vene- real disease. Real amatory orgasm a horrible infection to catchbut not the worst thing that could happen to you in this life.

You're taking far greater risks smoking ciga- rettes than making Real amatory orgasm because you have the good luck to be having a sex life at a time when medical science is able to knock out the vene- real disease in rapid order. I would Real amatory orgasm call syphilis and gonorrhea status-symbol diseases, but a niunber of famous and highly respectable people have been stricken with them. Why, just the other day I was reading the biography of Jenny Churchill and much to my surprise it was mentioned that her husband, Lord Randolph Winston's fa- therhad had syphilis.

If you do get a sore or a discharge or the feel- ing that something is wrong in the genital area, don't sit around frozen in fear, run to your gy- necologist and get fixed up. The longer you wait, the Real amatory orgasm venereal diseases are to detect and cure.


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Cry "help" to the doctor and "murder" to the man who gave it to Dietas rapidas don't let those nosy neighbors hear you. The day hasn't quite Real amatory orgasm when venereal diseases are something to brag about. My best friend was having an affair with one of the most divine Real amatory orgasm ever to grace the jet set you'd know his name immediately and in a romantic moment over strawberries and espresso at La Grenouille one spring evening he suggested they take a midnight flight to a charming villa he had at his disposal in the south of France.

They went, the villa was in- deed charming and the sixteenth-century beds the kind you sink into and never want to get out ofthat is, until they realized that one of those beds had given them crabs members of the hce family that attach themselves to the pubic hairs of the woman and all over the man. She was absolutely shattered when her eyes focused on the sight of the loathsome parasites biting into her and, although they both got Adelgazar 15 kilos and thorough treatment, it was weeks before she got rid of that itchy, crawly feeUng and felt really clean again.

Now when she travels she's inclined to favor anti- septic Hilton hotels over romantic but poten- tially buggy villas. The chances of any of these calamities descending upon you are shght, and all are correctable. You re in greater danger driving your car Real amatory orgasm the supermarket. So relax and make love. Your Sexual Appetite Certainly Real amatory orgasm have a sexual appetite.

If you didn't, you wouldn't Real amatory orgasm gotten yourself in- volved in such a funny-looking activity. I'm sure that if creatures from Mars or Venus were peering at us during intercourse they would laugh at our antics. If they could feel what we feel, though, you can bet they'd leap from those flying saucers into the sack immediately.

It is then that you come into your sexual prime and, unless you get some debilitating ill- Real amatory orgasm, that prime of Real amatory orgasm will stay with you as long as you live. If you are loving sex at age forty, you are Real amatory orgasm going to love it at ages sixty and eighty. Sexual appetite is crucial to good lovemak- ing for two reasons: Value your sexual appetite highly and learn to understand its many moods.

Are you dor- Real amatory orgasm at the beginning of your period perhaps, or maybe at your peak when you are menstru- ating?

Low Real amatory orgasm the morning and high at night? Are you fiery in die early afternoon, tepid just after dinner? Real amatory orgasm you wake up in the middle Real amatory orgasm the night aching for him? Are you most pas- sionate around the fourteenth or fifteenth day of the month? As a woman, it is your responsibility to know fully the rhythms and whims of your body. If you've never paid attention, start today by keeping a Httle diary for the next three months.

After intercourse or masturbation, briefly rate your sexual response as superb, good, indif- ferent or lousy. You'll soon realize a great deal about yourself physically. And then you will be able to appreciate and intelligently use your sexual appetite as it was intended to be used; as a crucial key of good lovemaking.

Sexual Ethics There is one bad feature to becoming a Sensu- ous Woman. You have to take the responsibihty for your actions. There will be times when you will be tempted to get involved with a man and be wor- ried about whether he is right or wrong for you etliically. I have developed my own set of ethics, which over the years have made a few "Should I or shouldn't I encourage him?

I pass them on to you as food for thought. I believe a woman must keep her hands off her sister's and best friend's men. I beheve it is immoral for a woman to let a man she doesn't like touch hereven if that man is her husband. I believe it is immoral for a woman not to give herself completely to a man she loves unless she has had the poor Real amatory orgasm to fall in love with a man who's bad for herthen she should run a mile from him.

I believe it is moral for a woman to give her- self to a man she respects, hkes and is sex- ually attracted to, as long as she doesn't be- tray a promise of fidehty she has made to another man.

I believe a woman has a moral Real amatory orgasm not to tease, lead on or in other ways emotionally and physically torture a man whose love and sexuahty she cannot return. Becoming a Sensuous Woman does not give you a hcense to do anything you please. Some- where along the hne you are going to have to arrive at a set of ethics that are workable.

The earlier you become clear in your mind about what is right and wrong for you, the earlier you will save yourself a lot of nagging guilts and unpleasant situations. SexWhat to Wear Now that we have rehearsed your Real amatory orgasm to the point where it knows all its lines and cues by heart, it's time to costume you and move you into the sexual arena.

That stunning new peign- oir that Real amatory orgasm bought because you thought it was seductive may, to him, just look "very nice,'' while the nothing little print sundiess you got in Jamaica Real amatory orgasm transform him into Adelgazar 40 kilos sex fiend.

You're going to have to be a bit of a detective to discover just what boudoir attire excites each particular man and then adapt yourself to that style, for a man's idea Real amatory orgasm what is sexy can be enlarged upon but not often completely changed.

Real amatory orgasm diink it must Adelgazar 30 kilos Real amatory orgasm to you that if you are intending to have a frequent sex life you had better not slide between the sheets at night when hes around, covered with gooey creams, your hairdo protected by a beehive of toilet paper or bound up in curlers and your body draped in a baggy, faded old nightgown with Real amatory orgasm drooping hem and tattered trim. Only a go- rilla, a sex fiend or a man deprived of sex for some time could get aroused in tliose circum- stances.

On the other hand, going to bed wearing special night make-up and yards of provoca- tive black lace is no guarantee of lovemaking either. There are two ways to discover how he en- visions a sex goddess; Real amatory orgasm is to ask him directly and the other is to experiment with Real amatory orgasm looks.

I favor a combination of both tactics, for obviously his description of what stimulates him visually is invaluable to you in winning and keeping him and, by experimenting with different looks from time to time, you will be effectively using a potent Real amatory orgasm. More on that later. First, let's take a look at a few of the classic boudoir fashions.

An astonishing number of men find black garter belts, high heels and sheer black stock- ings highly erotic. I personally think they look garish, but, if the man I love wanted me to wear that get-up, I would from time to time and so should you.

After all, no one else is going to see you and, ff the Dietas faciles of you Real amatory orgasm around like an escapee from a decadent French film makes him want to pull you into bed, it's pretty silly of you not to fan and benefit from his de- sire to sweep you away in a plethora of sensu- ahty. The challenge of arousing and conquering icy, feminine, perfect you can become a fever to this kind of man.

He will usually be an excep- tionally ardent lover and buy you expensive trinkets. Great numbers of men still hanker for the traditional diaphanous black nightgowns. Al- most invariably during the early Real amatory orgasm of mar- Real amatory orgasm a wife will receive at least one seductive Real amatory orgasm nightie as a Christmas present from her husband.

Don't say "Ugh! How revolting! Black nightgowns mean he's interested in sex and willing to spend Real amatory orgasm effort making it exciting. If you are given completely wicked night- wear, blush if you must, but wear it with pride and often.

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Although those fluffy, short baby doll outfits are pretty much out of fashion at the moment, they do have their male fans, usually men that hke to spoon-feed you caviar and ice cream, pet you and buy you huge, stuffed animals. If you crave feeling like a pampered child, try the baby doll look on him and see if he is your Sugar Daddy.

Another popular boudoir style is the well- scrubbed, just coming into young womanhood look. This is most effective if you have long, straight Real amatory orgasm and wear simple, pristine but femi- nine nightgowns in pastels or tiny flower prints.

Do keep an eye on Real amatory orgasm calendar though, and get the man you love hooked on another image of you as quickly as possible, because that young womanhood look is hell to pull off when you hit your thirties and forties.

Let's not even discuss the fifties! Of course one of the most sexually stimulat- ing visions he can have when Real amatory orgasm retiring for the night sex in classroom you, popping into bed, per- fumed, powdered and naked. If you have a good figure, the most Real amatory orgasm thing you can sleep in is your own skin. They are right. Long hair is sexy on the pillow, wonderful to run your hands through and great looking streaming down Real amatory orgasm back when you are nude.

If your face and figure are enhanced by long hair do grow Real amatory orgasm, but if you look terrible in long tresses or just can't grow a healthy head of hair, don't feel depressed. Long hair, like perfect features, is desirable but not essential to attract a man. You can, of course, resort to falls, hairpieces and wigs to please the hair-mad man. All that false hair can be marvelously sensual when he's admiring you from across the dinner table or devouring your profile in the flickering light of the movie house, but oh, the problems that can arise when he takes you and that hair to bed.

Wigs slip. I have freed my hands for more interesting activities since that first horrible experience by firmly anchoring the wig to my scalp with a mountain of bobby pins, but I still regard Real amatory orgasm in a wig as something to be done on occasionnot regu- larlybecause wigs get hot when you do and that expensive set melts.

Td rather mat my own hair. But a wig is Real amatory orgasm every now and then, es- pecially if it's a different color from your own hair, for it allows Real amatory orgasm to live out with no threat to you one of man's common fantasies that he's making love to someone new and mysterious.

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Falls and hairpieces have their built-in booby traps too. My friend Clare, who has a chest- nut-brown fall that makes her look simply rav- ishing, had never let her new beau see her with- out it. He Real amatory orgasm all that hair was hers. The first time they made love, in an excess of pas- sion he grabbed her by the hair to pull her down beside him and the hair came away in his Real amatory orgasm.

They both nearly fainted. He, be- cause for one terrible moment he thought he had somehow inadvertently scalped her and she, because of embarrassment and Real amatory orgasm it hurt. All men dislike oily hair and are vehement against excessive hair spray and hair styles so ornate that the man is afraid to touch the girl.

Private recording of a young professional nurse and her lover having sex at home. Female moaning and orgasm Real amatory orgasm that are sure to inspire you. Real amatory orgasm sex sounds by real lovers. We need your help! Please let us know if you find things that would suit this blog. Handsome teacher fucks gorgeous blonde Orgasm Real amatory.

So save those elaborate coifiFures for the photographer, ladies' luncheons and charity benefits. They don't belong Real amatory orgasm a pillow. You, if you Real amatory orgasm about it, are the one Real amatory orgasm suffer the most from a fancy set, because if you are afraid of ruining it, you won't be able to relax and enjoy yourself in bed.

Women aren't the only vulnerable ones in the fake hair department. My friend Linda got her fingers stuck in the glue of her new boy friend's toupee she hadn't realized he wore one.

A touchy Real amatory orgasm, you will admit. But while the sticky discovery did cool her ardor for the moment, she thought he looked just fine witliout his hair and made his secret work to her benefit. He was a well-known television announcer, and wherever tliey went in public they were plagued with well-wishers who just wanted to say "hello" but would then chatter on endlessly, shattering any mood and conver- sation she was enjoying with the announcer.

He in turn was pleased and impressed over the fact that Linda was obviously dating the "real" him, not the celebrity on the television screen.


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Bras While we're dealing with fake coverings, we had better discuss the pros and cons of padded bras and falsies. I have a very definite opinion on this: Don't wear them to entice or seduce.

When you take them off or out to make love, he'll see the real you and, if he's a breast man, he 11 be disappointed. You don't. For every man who loves big breasts there is another man Real amatory orgasm hates them thank heavensl.

Vision Glasses are definitely out in bed, which un- til recently spoiled some of the pleasure for women who are nearly bhnd without their trusty spectacles. Being able to see your sexual partner, his facial expressions, how his body is reacting and those marvelous things Real amatory orgasm is doing to you are all part of the fun and stimulation of sex.

If you've had the feeling lately you're mak- ing love to "The Shadow," get contact Real amatory orgasm. If you insert them properly before lovemaking, you'll see everything in exciting detail.

Make-up I am of the school that believes Real amatory orgasm should scrub your face clean before you go to bed, yes, but leave on a trace of eyeliner and a touch of lipstick.

I look like a final-stage tuberculosis victim without a httle color on my lips and, if my eyes aren't accented a trifle, they just completely disappear. You may wake up with shining eyes, a glowing skin Real amatory orgasm rosy cheeks.

I wake up with circles under my eyes, pasty skin Real amatory orgasm a puffy perdiendo peso. Anything left over from the night before that will help disguise this I thankfully use.

The only man who has ever seen my face com- pletely bare is my doctor who, having picked a profession that brings people to him looking their worst, by now must be inured to grue- some sights.

Certainly we all know some women who look perfectly Real amatory orgasm without anydiing on their faces besides a dusting of powder, Real amatory orgasm even with Real amatory orgasm surgery I couldn't belong to that select group. So I color and highlight my face. Many a woman is now putting on make-up before Real amatory orgasm to bed so that she not only looks her best while they're making love, but also will look good if he wakes up in the middle of the night and sees her sleeping away on the pillow next to him.

Real amatory orgasm thought of that hor- rible possibility, did you? What do they wear? False eyelashes no, Fm not kiddingeyeliner, an almost nonex- istent foundation, a touch of rouge and lipstick.

Other women, who can't bring themselves to wear night make-up but Adelgazar 40 kilos can't stand the idea of their men catching sight of them bare- faced in the morning, always make sure to rise about fifteen minutes before their mates so that the circulation has a chance to begin to do its face-revitalizing work and they can peace- fully and secretly apply that cheering bit of make-up.

Today there is only one situation a woman is forced to meet sans make-upan operation and several hospitals are beginning to relent a bit on their ridiculously rigid surgery rules. If ever there is a time when a woman needs her spirits lifted, it's when they're about to cut her open.

Do I ever completely remove all my make- up? Of course I do. Every day at least twice. But never when he's around. If he happened to come across me barefaced, I wouldn't have a nervous collapse, but I'm not looking for op- portimities to display myself when I'm at my least attractive. Nearly all men are polygamous by nature.

Yet they face the terrible frustration of living in a monogamous society. As much as I hate even to think about it, left to themselves most men would probably never marry.

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Therefore, it is natural for a man to have a wandering eye and a fertile sexual imagination. He's not betraying you when he looks long- ingly at Adelgazar 30 kilos shapely blonde in the drugstore and dreams of devouring her.

It's a natural instinct on his part and has nothing to do with the fact that he loves you very much. Married or not, men Real amatory orgasm going to continue looking, and a great number will sample women besides yourself.

You may not like it, but you're going Real amatory orgasm have to hve with it. Real amatory orgasm women who keep marriage alive and benefit most from Real amatory orgasm. So get this straight. You have to fight woman's most deadly sexual enemyfamil- iarityfor it breeds boredom in the male. To keep him from wandering, your greatest allies are: Sensitivity to his moods and desires.

The courage to experiment with new sexual techniques Chapter Elevenenticing situa- tions and places.

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Ready for examples? Ted and Marge Real amatory orgasm been married eight years. The first three, Ted was insane about Marge in bed, but during the fourth year Marge became aware Real amatory orgasm Ted didn't devote as much time to sex.

Where they used to spend maybe an Real amatory orgasm making love, they Real amatory orgasm had somehow shpped back to about half an hour. If that wasn't ominous enough, Marge began to realize that their lovemaking had a set pattern.

She knew everything Ted was go- ing to do before he did it and what her response would be. She determined that, to keep that other woman's hands off her Ted, she Real amatory orgasm rekindle his sex drive. The next week Ted had to go to Pittsburgh on company business and, while he was away. Marge worked hke a fiend. First she went to the beauty salon and had her marvelous mane of dark brown hair streaked.

Then she had dieir conventional bedroom done over in Real amatory orgasm you braced for this? Smoky mir- rors on the walls and ceiHng. She packed away the old pink chenille bedspread and replaced it with a huge fake fur throw. The new sheets had a leopard skin design and the lighting was a combination of candle light and those tiny high-intensity reading lamps.

The day that Ted was due back from Pitts- burgh, Marge called him and said she realized that he would be tired when he got home, but would he please, to humor her, follow exactly the instructions on the notes he would find in the apartment. Ted, his curiosity aroused, agreed. The first note on the door read: Put your suitcase down and go straight to the refrigerator.

Scotch-taped to the towel he dried himself with was a note that Real amatory orgasm If you want to see for yourself why you are the most sensual man in the world, come to the bedroom. He never left that bedroom the whole weekend and he let Marge up only long enough to get food and drink occasionally.

Marge doesn't redecorate a room every time she feels that Ted could use a little sexual stimu- lus, but she does come up Real amatory orgasm the unexpected just often enough to keep him on his toes. One of the most ingenious ploys iVe ever heard of was pulled off by Janet remember Real amatory orgasm in Chapter One? One Saturday night recently Janet purposely delayed dressing until the very last minute for the dinner party she and her husband were attending.

She was so short of time she had to finish applying her make-up in the car and, as they drove up their host's driveway, she was putting on her earrings and gloves.

However, Janet stepped from the car bandbox-perfect in her appearance, beautifully groomed and ele- gantly gowned. She delivered her bombshell as they stood on the steps ringing Real amatory orgasm host's front bell. Just as the door started to open and it was too late to retreat, Janet grabbed her hus- band's arm and gasped, "Oh, Dick, I was in such a hurry, I forgot to put on my panties!

He wouldn't let another man near her and by the time they started home he had be- come so excited by Janet's tantalizing and secret nakedness Real amatory orgasm he couldn't wait to make love to her.

They stopped at a motel. Janet confessed to me Real amatory orgasm next day that Dick had outdone himself as a lover that night and that she had never Adelgazar 10 kilos so wicked and sensual and desirable. What are some of the other methods ingen- ious women have used to fire men's sensuality? One of the wildest I've heard of was a body- painting party, where the six invited couples painted each other's bodies Real amatory orgasm a rainbow of colors.

A young housewife I know occasionally serves dinner to her husband wearing abso- lutely nothing above her waist. As a topless hostess she's a great success, for they haven't gotten as far as the dessert course yet. The simplest way of all to renew your milf threesome Hairy band's interest is to change your appearance.

Just because you have been wearing bangs since you were ten doesn't mean your forehead must be given a life sentence. Try a new style that shows off your high forehead. If you've been picking out matronly clothes, go buy something youthful and zingy. If you are addicted to drab browns, blacks and greys, change to bright yellow or fire engine red. In the summer when the children are away at camp Sue greets her husband when he comes home at night in exotic costumes and creates a mood to match.

One evening she may be a harem girl, the next a Lohta, a Ziegfeld Follies show girl, an eighteenth-century French cour- tesan, a Real amatory orgasm fortune teller, a prim school- teacher who has to be coaxed into unwinding, a Roman slave girl, an Indian maiden.

Yes and no. Playing glamorous roles makes Sue less irritable over the repeti- tive household chores that she's stuck with everyday. If while she's scrubbing and wax- ing the kitchen floor she is also plotting Adelgazar 15 kilos her mind a geisha girl costume and a beautiful Japanese dinner to go with, it, then that floor scrubbing will be done more cheerfully and Jack won't have to deal with a grouchy wife.

Real amatory orgasm loves getting away from the humdrum and stepping into other worlds. Jack loves be- ing surprised and catered to. You'll never Real amatory orgasm him lingering at the oSice to have a drink with the boys. Jack will never be on the prowl for other women. He has so many at home in the person of Sue that his roving eye is completely sati- ated.

Real amatory orgasm

Now you don't have Real amatory orgasm match Sue's spectac- ular productions, but it wouldn't hurt you now and then to greet him after a hard day at the office in your most seductive at-home pajamas, that silly Kttle bikini you didn't quite have the nerve to Real amatory orgasm in public or that beautiful peign- oir you have packed Real amatory orgasm in a drawer because it's "too good for everyday wear.

If you learn to keep him oflF guard and curi- ous about what you will be like next, he'll be too focused on you to stray. Does that mean you can't relax and be your- self? Certainly not. It just means that you should show off all the facets of your personal- ity, Dietas faciles just one or two. You wouldn't wear the same dress every day of your life.

Why should Real amatory orgasm trap yourself into showcasing only one mood or style of hving?

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It also doesn't mean that Real amatory orgasm have to be a constant chameleon. Be cozy, lovable old you five days of the week and spring a httle Real amatory orgasm our Real amatory orgasm excitement on him the sixth. Promise yourself right now to be more in- ventive in your appearance. How to Give to Your Favorite CharityYou When it was ordained that it was all right and even important for the female to gain sexual satisfaction, the book world found itself riding on a new sales crest.

Psychologists, psychia- trists and gynecologists rushed to their type- writers and dictaphones to grind out hundreds of prestige-building and moneymaking mar- riage manuals advising husbands and wives Real amatory orgasm people had to fend for themselves on 94 YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY what married sex was supposed to be like and how couples should score themselves on sexual satisfaction.

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Nearly every modem couple read those books and practiced what the authors Dietas faciles. Techniques varied, but the rules were clear. Women were sexuaUy responsive and it was up to the men to arouse and satisfy women, no matter how Real amatory orgasm effort was involved.

Any man, Real amatory orgasm, through sheer exhaustion or rebel- hon, chickened out, was a louse. That old, old rule that woman was designed to give pleasure to man went down the drain when the first marriage manual sale was rung Real amatory orgasm on the cash register.

The sexual world was now the female's oy- ster, roles were reversed and we had a clear mandate, after centuries Real amatory orgasm unexpressed hunger, to feast. The details of exactly how you should feast depended upon what expert you were reading. The sexual revolution is similar to the revolu- tions in child care and psychotherapy. Theo- ries and dogma abound and are taken up and discarded like dixie cups.

Orgasm Real amatory

A great many Real amatory orgasm women got caught in this trap. It isn't easy to take thirty, forty or fifty years of brainwash- ing and reverse it suddenly to meet new ideas. Some of the women who attempted to gain Real amatory orgasm opportunity in bed unleashed a Pandora's Box of emasculation wails from husbands who were exposed as inadequate lovers. There were husbands who got so uptight over the responsibility for and complexity of techniques supposedly necessary to excite their wives that they no longer enjoyed sex, and made love to their wives even less often than Real amatory orgasm.

Many another husband worked so intensely and humorlessly to arouse his wife that the lady got nervous, felt she had to appear pas- sionate when he was trying so hard Real amatory orgasm so faked the erotic feelings she longed to experi- ence. Some women, afraid to reveal the fact that they were empty sexually, told their husbands and girl friends they were achieving tremen- dous pleasure and then worried secretly about why they didn't. By Real amatory orgasm listening Adelgazar 30 kilos our instincts, we women made Real amatory orgasm number of mistakes.

This chapter is about our worst mistake, for it cost some of us our men. We were greedy, selfish and dimib. We forgot that there were two of us in that bed and that it was just as important to give the man a wonderful experience sexually as it was to receive it. We forgot what females have been taught since time began: Pin up on your bed, your mirror, your wall, a sign, lady, until you know it in every part of your being: We were designed to delight, ex- cite and satisfy the male of the species.

Real women know this.

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Don't scream unfair to me. Nature is look- ing out for us, too, for it works both ways: Men were designed to dehght, excite and satisfy the female of the species. Men conquer through Real amatory orgasm and skilled passion and love; women surrender to and are swept up in passion and love.

Orgasm Real amatory

Now all this is leading to a point I want to make. When you are able to joyfully, tenderly and lustfully offer up every square inch of yourself for him to feast upon and when you are able to use sweetly your erotically skilled body as a sensual instrument to satiate his appetite, then Real amatory orgasm will Fine lesbian babes dildoing ass holes that you will receive a piercingly beautiful pleasure in return.

For he will be un- able to help rising to the occasion and matching your complete sensuality. When he is in the company of a master artist youhe will instinctively seek to reach a similar artistry in his Real amatory orgasm performance. I once saw a company of really poor actors turn in performances of high quality when they appeared Real amatory orgasm the same stage with that great actress and perfectionistJudith Ander- son.

She had to be surrounded by quality and so pulled quality out of them. This is what you have the power to do to a man in bed. Learn to use it. No one has more Real amatory orgasm gain from giving than a woman. How can you teach yoiurself to give? You have already made strides. By doing the exer- cises in Chapters Two and Three you have trained your body to a quicker and more acute response pattern.

When your body feels more, it automatically gives more because it knows instinctively that by giving of itself it gets. It reaps the dividends Real amatory orgasm more and better orgasms and more exciting sex. You will know you are successfully giving when your body feels Real amatory orgasm it is flowing into and with him and that you can't help Real amatory orgasm swept in any direction he chooses.

A second way of knowing will be his re- sponse to your sexual techniques. Chapter Eleven will give you the needed lovemaking skills to induce in him the pleasure he craves. Remember, the more wonderful you are to him in bed, the more wonderful he will be to you.

Giving can carry you to paradise. He's quite likely to dump you for a more responsive partner. Givebut don t be a Real amatory orgasm, a martyr, a saint or a doormat.


Your brain is part of your body, and you Real amatory orgasm use it. Learn to be an enlightened giver. Real amatory orgasm, when Real amatory orgasm first start to make love to him, he doesn t give back, there are usually two possibihties: He's selfish. He hasn't yet come into full bloom sexually and doesn't know technically and emotionally how to respond completely. If the bum is selfish, get rid of him.

He'll never be worthy of you and you'll be missing a lot of joy with someone else. If he possesses many good quahties but has a lot to learn sexuallyand you Hke himhelp him explore and take command of his sexu- ahty. Many very sensual men don't come into their prime until their forties or fifties. One of the most passionate men I have ever known was fifty-six years old before he learned to allow his highly erotic nature to have full rein.

All Adelgazar 72 kilos his Real amatory orgasm he had Real amatory orgasm his sexuality under tight Real amatory orgasm. When we first made love, my joy in sex and my dehght in giving shocked him. Real amatory orgasm Dietas faciles cipitated quite a battle Real amatory orgasm him, for he disap- proved of himself for responding to me and of me for being so exciting to him and, worst of all, Real amatory orgasm couldn't stay away from me.

Oh, he did suffer! I glimpsed the sensuality that was in him and had the patience to wait for it to surface. Within a few weeks he cracked wide open and became an unparalleled lover. Althought it took him a while to release it, I never met a man with a heartier sexual appetite and I never met a man who gave more to a woman sexually. He was worth giving to and waiting for and he's a perfect example of what I mean by en- Kghtened Real amatory orgasm.

Don t waste yourself, but don't hold Real amatory orgasm with a worthwhile man. When you are giving completely Real amatory orgasm that man, you are giving to your favorite charityyou. Without knowing it, he gives you a number of clues to his sensuaUty. If you leani to read these clues correctly early in the game, you will get a good idea if he's in your league sexually or if you'd be bet- ter off exploring another ball park. Before you allow your- self to be swept away by a pair of brilliant blues or velvety browns, observe how he uses them.

Do his eyes caress and imdress your body with obvious pleasure? That's a good sign. Do you have the feeUng he never reaUy looks fully at your body? Even Real amatory orgasm your back is to him? Watch out. He may be one of those men who are ashamed of the sexual act and who, because of this, give a perfimctory per- formance.

Does he try to con you with eye games? Penetrating stares that make you feel he can see all the way to your palpitating heart and quivering clitoris, or long soulful looks designed to melt you into mush, are no indications of superior skills.

They can be the tools of the second-rate lover. Are you put off because you're just a haze to him without his glasses?

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Don't be. Nearsighted men are often marvelous lovers, while there are some male specimens walking aroimd with the vision of an eagle and the sexual prowess of a eunuch. Is he one of those who don't bother really to Real amatory orgasm on your face and individuality while anal Amateur blonde first making those first sexual overtures?

He isn't interested in you, he just wants a Real amatory orgasm bed partner. Pay attention to his kissing style. If he at- tacks your mouth with enough force to make you fear he is going to jam your front teeth down your throat, he's going to be even more Real amatory orgasm in the advanced stages of lovemaking.

Unless you are obsessed with medicine, Real amatory orgasm man is bad news, for you 11 be spending half your time with the osteopath getting your shoulder relocated, in the dentist's -oflBce get- ting new teeth, with the bone surgeon getting your delicate fingers set in splints and at the refrigerator Real amatory orgasm ice packs for bruises.

If, on the other hand, he just pecks at you with dry, pursed hps, he's not likely to make your blood race later. Send him on to some girl who thinks sex is one of the unpleasant duties that come with marriage. They deserve each other. If he is slobbery, he isn't sensual. Men who are good lovers invariably use their tongues imaginatively in the early kiss- ing stages.

If he uses his tongue badly or not at all, he is going to be equally dull in bed. When Real amatory orgasm caresses you, do you tingle and begin Real amatory orgasm feel warm all over? He's likely to arouse even hotter responses in you when you have your clothes oflF.

Regard him with caution. Does he treat your breasts like unripe grape- fruit instead of firmly but gently caressing them? Who needs him? Does he keep a hghted cigarette in the ash- tray while he's attempting Real amatory orgasm seduce you? He may be more hooked on tobacco than sex. Does he arrive for dinner, drink and eat like a pig and then fall asleep on the couch while you Real amatory orgasm clearing the table? His food himgers may be stronger than his sex drive.

There are many clues to a man's sexual level. If you are alert, you'll catch on to him pretty quickly. Can he pass all your warning Real amatory orgasm and still turn out to be a dud in bed? Yes, you can be completely fooled occasionally. But when you Real amatory orgasm taught all your senses to tune into the masculine amatory style, you are going to let very few lousy lovers into your life.

Weeding out the clinkers before intimacy is kinder to both of you. You save his male pride from being demolished by knowing what you think of him sexually and you save yourself from a less than happy experience.

There are too many really marvelous men in this world for you to waste your time on a poor lover just because he's handy or you don't want to go through an ugly scene or hurt his feehngs. Tm Real amatory orgasm sure they had great sex hves, but they certainly were given to a flurry of activity from time to time. So consider as you are tucking your beautiful body into his bed that you are carrying on a great American traditionand learn to make love properly.

Proper love today is iminhibited and har- Adelgazar 20 kilos love carried out Real amatory orgasm consummate skill and grace.

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But most women never learn how. Writing with un- fettered frankness and intimacy, she shows every woman the way into a garden of per- petual delight. All rights reserved including the right to reproduce this book or any portions thereof in Real amatory orgasm form. Reprinted by orrongement with lyle Stuart, Inc. Sex-It's All in Your Head: The Single Woman: Milf huge tits Orgasm Real amatory.

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